A Working Mom’s Guide to School Success – 10 Ways to Help Your Child in School Without Losing Sleep

Statistics have shown that children with at least one parent involved in their education are more likely to be successful in school. In today’s society, that responsibility usually falls upon the mother. Just look at your child’s PTA. How many men volunteer for PTA president? (OK, a few, but what is the % of the board?)If you are a working mom, you already have enough on your “To-Do List”, without adding #10 – Volunteer in Susy’s classroom today”.Working Moms already have a many responsibilities, and with the responsibilities comes guilt for not doing it all. As a working mom, you want to be in two places at once – at work and with your child. It is a difficult choice. As a mother, you want to be available for your child, especially when it comes to his/her education. Yet, you don’t always have time to volunteer in the classroom or go on field trips. Here are 10 simple ways you can volunteer without sacrificing a lot of time from your day.1. Ask your child’s teacher if you can correct papers at home? Teachers need help correcting spelling tests, cutting out pictures for art projects or other weekly assignments. These things can be done from home. Your child can bring them home for yo and then you can have her return them the next day. This not only helps the teachers but allows you a little insight to what is happening in the classroom.2. Volunteer to provide paper products (cups, paper plates, napkins) for class activities. Many activities require additional supplies that the teacher must provide. Offer to donate these supplies as needed. You can just add them to your grocery list throughout the year.3. Offer to make posters for the PTA /School fundraiser This is always a welcomed offer. This is something that both you and your child can do and it can be done at home, on the weekend. The school or PTA will even provide the supplies.4. Offer to email parents about upcoming class and school activitiesParent communication is so important, and emails are the newest and fastest way to inform parents. Emailing can be done from home and allows you to be aware of activities as well.5. Offer to bring water for outdoor activitiesJog-a-thons, Field days, P.E. – there are many times that schools have functions outside and the students need water. Offering to provide the water helps everyone and continues to support these crucial physical activities for students.6. Offer to provide cookies or other baked activities for the PTA/School Carnival This is another option that can be done with you child – either by baking it or buying it. Either way, it includes you child. He/she will be very excited when their item is chosen.7. Run for PTA Secretary/Auditor/Parliamentarian These are offices that do not require a lot of outside work, other than a monthly meeting. The meetings are typically in the evening and provide you with a much needed insight to the activities of the school, with access to key people. i.e. school principal8. *Attend your child’s school evening activities/performance. ALL OF THEM, if at all possibleThese are important events in your child’s life that will be remembered. Let your child know, that even though you can’t be in the classroom, his events are important to you.9. *Attend your child’s Teacher Conferences Make sure that you have communication with your child’s teacher. they understand you are a working parent, they are too. However, your child needs to know that you talk to their teacher. It shows support for the teacher and for your child’s education.10. *Spend 15 – 30 minutes a night talking to your child about schoolThis can be done when driving home from after school care or while cooking dinner. Ask your child questions, but not the regular – “How was school?”. The answer will be fine, and don’t be fooled, it wasn’t but they aren’t telling you.Try these 5 questions, and see how much more yo will learn about your child’s day and how much more yo feel a part of what they did at school that day.*”Tell me something funny that happened at school today”*”Tell me the most interesting thing that happened at school today”*”What book did you read in class today?” or “What book is the teacher reading in class?” “Can you tell me about it?”*”What math problem did you have the most challenge with today?” or “What math problem was the easiest for you to do today?”*”Who did you eat lunch with today?”There are many more questions and variations of these questions and the list could go on and on, however, the point is, change up the question and don;t accept “fine” as the answer.BONUS – Read to your child every nightThis is crucial to the success of every child and all parents can do it. As your child gets older, just read together. Share the books you are reading and encourage each other. Reading is the key to educational success.Being a part of your child’s education is one of the most important thing you can do as a parent. Sometimes it is a challenge. Working Moms, whether by choice or circumstance, have a difficult time trying to juggle it all. But there are ways to set an example of how important education is for your child by being a part of it. It is not quantity, but quality that matters. Just know that your child is watching you and learning by your example. Start setting the example today!