Autism And The School System – Education

Autistic children will have special needs when it comes to schooling. Many children with Autism go to public school and do just fine with some special modifications. There are laws pertaining to kids with disabilities. Here are some of the things you will need to know about Autism and school.The Individuals With Disabilities ActThe Individuals with Disabilities act was passed to make sure all children receive a free and appropriate public education that meets their needs. The act requires children with special needs to have special education service as long as they meet the requirements. Autism meets that requirement.Free and Appropriate EducationThis is an education that meets the special needs of your child. It is one that allows them to make progress learning.Least Restrictive Learning EnvironmentThis means that your child will be placed in an educational setting that is right for their special needs while allowing them to socialize with kids that do not have a disability. The school will do what it can to meet the needs of your Autistic child while keeping them in regular classrooms.To figure out what special needs your child will need the school will evaluate your child. This evaluation can be requested by the school or the parent. If you think there is a problem write a letter to the school asking them to evaluate your child. They will send a paper home for you to sign that gives permission for the evaluation to take place. During the evaluation your child will be tested for learning disabilities along with any mental, or behavioral problems. After the evaluation is complete the school will have a meeting with you to discuss their findings, and what can be done to help your child.IEPAn IEP is used when a child has a need for special education services. The group that evaluated the child will be part of the team that creates the IEP. The parents will also have a say in what is included in the IEP. An IEP will state the needs the child has to get an appropriate education. They will also list the services the child is going to receive in the IEP. The IEP can be evaluated at any time if the services are not working for the child. An example of some services that might be included in an IEP are extra time when completing class work, have tests read aloud to the child, or an aide is provided for the child. Each IEP will be different for each child. The IEP will be evaluated on a yearly basis unless the parents request it sooner. The parents have the right to be at every IEP meeting held.You are your child’s best advocate when dealing with the school system. Some schools will try to give you the run around. They will do whatever they can to keep your child from having any special services in school. You have to be the one to stand up for your child. You are their voice. If you do not feel comfortable dealing with the school alone there are lawyers and advocates that are there to help.

A Look at the Best Selling Christmas Toys Over the Years

Take a few moments away from frantically trying to find this year’s hottest Christmas toys to reminisce about the best selling Christmas toys from previous years. Every year there is a hot new must have toy on every child’s Christmas list and 2010 is no exception. Just as with this year, if there was a hit movie in a particular year, then the best sellers for the Christmas season probably were more on the side of action figures, VHS or DVDs, and soundtrack albums for that particular movie. For 2010, the big ones are Toy Story 3, Iron Man 2 and Transformers 2 but think back to 2004 when the Incredibles was the top Disney hit and Incredibles themed toys were a top feature in the toy market. Or think back to 1995 when Buzz Lightyear and our favourite cowboy, Woody first made an appearance on the big screen and their action figures subsequently made an appearance in our children’s toy collections.No matter what the best selling Christmas toys were in any particular year, it’s safe to say that they were enjoyed by children from all over, and are now recorded in history for everyone to reflect on for years to come.Two decades ago, the hottest Christmas toys were based on a gang of crime fighting turtles, the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. These cartoon favorites were released to stores as four individual figurines, and dubbed the “heroes in a half-shell”, each equipped with kung fu skills to help them fight their way through the underground sewers of New York City and right into the homes and hearts of young UK children.Do you remember POGS? A collection of decorated disks, meant to be collected, traded, and flipped by young children, and is loosely based off of an even older game, tiddlywinks. How about Tamagotchis? Those little electronic pets were all the rage in the late 90s. The POGS and Tamagotchi fad quickly faded though and it seems kids have become more high tech and you’re more likely to find something like a Nintendo DSi or a Nintendo Wii on your child’s Christmas gift list in 2010.This year, the best selling Christmas toys aren’t electronic pets or turtle action figures. Times have changed and so have the expectations of the toy loving children. For 2010 the hottest Christmas toys are predicted to be video game consoles as well as games and toys based on this year’s hit movies such as Toy Story 3 or popular Disney shows like Camp Rock and Hannah Montana.

Baby Toys for Life

When a baby comes into the world, it is important to get it toys after the first few weeks. The toys not only keep the baby occupied, they also play a great role in the baby’s development. There are different types of toys; some of which include educational toys, development toys and even play toys.The choice of baby toys should depend on the age of the baby in question. It does not make sense to get a one month old baby crayons and puzzle toys. Instead, newborns should be bought soft and light toys which come in different attractive colors to keep them occupied. By the time the baby is attaining his first year on earth, you can start bringing in toys like puzzles and those that produce different sounds. These toys are really helpful in the development of the baby.As the baby grows, you can incorporate block puzzles and let the baby play with them. You can even show them how to go about arranging them and then let them do it on their own. The types of toys should change with age. The toys are meant to stimulate the five human senses of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste and in turn this will create attention, curiosity, memory and also help the development of the nervous system.When getting baby toys, it is important to go for those which will last for a longer time so that they can be passed from one baby to another as they grow to new toys. Before your baby is strong enough to write anything, you can get cloth books which normally come printed with different shapes in different colors. Such kind of toys help in the long term development by encouraging pre reading skills while the different shapes assist in learning things like animal names, alphabets as well as numbers.Other important toys can include stuffed dolls and animals which teach the baby how to do simple tasks such as buttoning and tying shoe laces. It is also easy to learn how to put clothes on and how to change. This is very important in the baby’s development.There are toys meant for baby boys and those for girls, so have this in mind as well as you do your choosing.